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12 Odins Cn v1.13.5 Mod Apk

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12 Odins Cn

12 Odins Cn v1.13.5 Mod Apk ◆ Wang Road RPG mobile game debut!
○ It is full of strategic instant RPG!
○ A variety of occupations × 1500 or more kinds of equipment allow you to freely mix!
○ Work with friends to team up and fight!

= Game description =
Nostalgic and innovative, the king’s sword and magic RPG world is coming!

◆ Work side by side with your partner! Hot white instant RPG!
・You can connect up to 4 players together!
・Create your own guild! Work with friends to start an adventure!
・There are also AI helpers for single player mode, so that you can also enjoy the king’s RPG!
・Use the “passing” system to strengthen the enthusiasm between partners.

◆Cultivate your own exclusive character!
・ In addition to RPG’s professional career, paladins, magic warriors, and other higher classes will follow.
・ Use skills tree system to choose your own professional skills!
・All kinds of equipment allow you to wear it! Can also use the “appearance equipment function” allows you to take into account the appearance and strength!
・Also can dye equipment! Let’s be satisfied with you too!

◆ Fighting full of lively battles! Fascinating storyline!
・Fighting is completely expressed in 3D! There are handsome skill effects! Let you experience unprecedented sensation!
・ Many character-rich characters make the story climax one after another!

◆ Cooperation with partners is a shortcut to the Raiders game!
・There is a chat room function of various channels including teams, groups, guilds, all members, and friends!
・Fighting with your first meeting partner can also make your adventure more profitable!
・We can also use GPS function to easily form teams with nearby players!

◇ Story ◇
This is a spectacular narrative poem that took place in Urzar, a land blessed by the goddess
Let the world fall into the devastation of desperation
And to save the world’s hero Odin and the 12 Sage…
Now this legend will start again. The new battle is about to start! ! 12奧丁-本格日式RPG,百萬下載突破

1.) instant win press back button
2.) always win when finish fights


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