13 Facts You Got Wrong at School About Other Countries


Do you know who invented the croissant? The French? And what about pizza? Well, it’s obviously 100% Italian, right? Well, if you said yes to both, you’re in for a culture shock. The croissant was everyone’s favorite outside of France until 1839 when Austrian entrepreneur August Zang started a Wien-style bakery in Paris. The pastry became everyone’s favorite in Paris, and then spread all over the country and basically turned into one of the symbols of France.

As for pizza, it was the Greeks who invented it. Truth be told, the Greeks also derived the idea from someone else – the Egyptians made flat bread, but with no toppings. Roman soldiers brought “plakous” from Greece to Italy, and Italian immigrants introduced the rest of the world to it in the 19th century. Yep, quite a lot of things you were positive you knew the origins of, turn out to come from an entirely different country!

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Croissant 0:22
Danish 1:39
Fortune cookies 2:45
Matryoshka 3:41
Chinese checkers 4:31
Venetian blinds 5:25
Swedish meatballs 6:01
Guinea pig 6:41
The Great Dane 7:20
French poodle 7:55
French fries 8:40
Arabic numerals 9:26
Pizza 10:08

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– Croissants have an Eastern European ancestor named “Kifli”, Hungarian for crescent. The big difference between that pastry and the one you love today, is that it was way heavier and made of bread dough.
– Another culinary disappointment, or more like a surprise. The multiple-layered, delicious pastry that’s called the Danish in the US is known as “Copenhagener” in Germany and “Viennese” in Denmark!
– Fortune cookies, as you know them, were really first introduced to the world in the 1890s or early 1900s by a Japanese landscape designer at a tea garden in San Francisco.
– Similar to the croissant for France, Matryoshka (a.k.a Russian nesting dolls) is what comes to mind for most people when they hear “Russia”.
– Have you ever played Chinese checkers? It was an invention of a Harvard professor back in 1883.
– Venetian blinds don’t come from Italy at all. This stylish alternative for fabric curtains or shutters really comes from either Ancient Egypt or Persiaю
– Thousands of people across the world go shopping at a certain Swedish home store and finish their trip with a delicious meal with a local twist. Little do they know, they’re actually enjoying an ancient Turkish dishю
– One of the cutest pets alive wasn’t named after its homeland of Equatorial Guinea or Guinea Bissau. In fact, it doesn’t come from Africa at all, but has its ancestors in South America.
– While some people “aw” at cute little guinea pigs, others prefer massive and impressive Great Danes. Their 16th century name was “English Dogges” but they’re originally German.
– Ironically, it was not France where the first French poodle was bred, but Germany! The original name of the breed was “Pudelhund” and it means “water-splashing dog”.
– Another not so French invention you thought came from the land of croissants – French fries come from Belgium!
– You must have learned by now not to trust the name when it comes to the origins of things. Arabic numbers are another example of that. The West has been using them since the 1100s, and they were invented in India, not some Middle Eastern land.
– Pizza has been the Italian thing from Ancient Roman times – no doubt about that – but it was the Greeks who invented it. Their ancient chronicles mention “plakous” – a flat bread topped with olive oil, herbs, onion, cheese and garlic.

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