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How to get free premium VPN account trick 2019

A premium VPN is a secure connection between two or more computers, or a virtual private network. Premium VPNs are used against snooping, intrusion and filtering to protect private web traffic.

Why are they used premium VPN ?

  1. Hide your IP address and location
  2. Encrypt your communications
  3. Unlock region blocked videos and websites
  4. Avoid censorship and surveillance and many more.

Download premium VPN: Avira Phantom VPN Pro

We’ve got some simple VPN definition. Now you may be curious which VPN to choose from and use either charged or free VPN. VyperVPN is a beast in the VPN world. It’s pretty good. We have long been VyperVPN’s content costumer. We have different plans to choose from for their client.


  1. Open this link : Create VperVPN account
  2. Now create temporary mail from here. You can use your email too but using temp mail is recommended.
  3. Now fill in the details
  4. On payment page select Ali Pay and click on “Continue to AliPay”
  5. When it redirects to AliPay just Hit the back Button
  6. Now Open the Vyper App either in PC or android and enter the email and password that you have just entered.

Download: CyberGhost VPN Premium Full Version

We’re done. We created free VyperVPN premium account successfully. If your account is disabled or deleted by the website, you can make another free account like this one.

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