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How to Protect your Phone from being Hacked with Hackuna

Smartphone users are growing so quickly in today’s world that all the bad people on the Internet want to move their target from PCs to smartphones, primarily Android smartphones. Android is built on the Linux platform, but almost nothing is free.

Linux can be Hacked too

Half of Android users are common people who don’t have the basic security information they can take to protect their phones from hacking. Since they do not know how to hack their brains, they are susceptible to social engineering. We can be exploited easily.

That’s the main reason why this article was written.

The second reason is that we’re so busy in our everyday life that we don’t have time to review the precautions we’ve taken online or offline that can lead to severe security flaws.

Hackuna is the software that can defend us against these things. Let’s look at the app’s functionality.

A Deep look into Hackuna

Cryptor’s Cybersecurity creates Hackuna. The app’s interface is completely basic. It’s quick for anyone to use the phone. The apps it offers are the needs of our everyday life.

Protect your Android SmartPhone from being Hacked with Hackuna

WiFi Police’s first feature is really useful to ordinary people. You can toggle on the app if you are linked to a Public WiFi and you can use the WiFi free of charge without any problem. The WiFi Police will block hackers trying to hack the network with which you are linked. It will also tell you the hacker’s data that the software is blocking.

WiFi Scanner is another app that seems to be very beneficial. This feature searches the Wireless Entire network and shows us the hackers it has identified and their data.

The auditor is the second. This feature searches the computer files for viruses, spyware, malware, and ransomware of all sorts.

Privacy Analyzer is the last and most critical one. This software searches the system for loss of confidentiality.

If it detects some questionable request that can harm our privacy installed on our computer, it displays their list.

For entertainment purposes, there are two other apps. The functionality of Hacker Games includes mind games related to ethical hacking, such as the combination of cracking passwords. You can also search Hackers News for the latest news alerts on hacking attacks. It will help you to stay updated.


All such functionality seem quite basic, but they are the safest option to our smartphone with Android. To use these apps, you do not need advanced technical skills. For a person afraid of hacking attacks, these sorts of applications are the best ones.

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